Buy 7 Slurpees Get 11 Free

I don't know what a person would do with 18 Slurpees, but now through the 18th if you buy 7 Slurpees you get 11 for free. Details here:

Free Cookie to Take the Sting out of Tax Day

Great American Cookies is offering a free cookie today to help make paying those taxes a little bit easier.

How to Get Free Groceries (Comedy)

Here are Mitchell and Webb on a sneaky way to get free food. It's got a fair amount of swearing, so be warned if that sort of thing bothers you.

Free Visit to the Baltimore Museum of Industry

Anne Arundel County residents can visit the Baltimore Museum of Industry for free on April 2nd from 12 - 3. Story time will be going on at various exhibits and visitors can learn how to repair books at the Book Hospital. Adults must show their library cards for free admission, but children can enter via their parent's cards. Don't have a library card? You have a few days to get one, and then you will access to so many fantastic things for free.

Free Guacamole and Chips From Chipotle

If you go to you can play a find the difference game and win free guacamole and chips. You play three rounds and should find 5 differences per round.

I only found 3 but won anyway.

A link to the coupon is texted to you, so you do have to supply some personal information.

Coupon is good through April 10th I believe.

Free Seeds While You Save a Bee

While supplies last you can get a packet of flower seeds for free. You'll be committing to growing them on your property to provide bees with food. The feed a bee project would also like you to take pictures of the progress of your Bee Garden and post them on your favorite social media.

Just a warning: if you watch the little video on the website you may find yourself humming the song without being aware of it. It's horrifyingly catchy.

Red Bull Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

Red Bull was recently the plaintiff in a class action lawsuit regarding the claims of functionality and safety of their products. As a result, consumers of their products may be eligible for ten dollar refunds or free Red Bull products. Claims must be filed by March 2, 2015. Complete details can be found here:

Free Kindle Edition of Curious George Goes to the Zoo

I don't know how long this is going to be free, but right this second you can get Curious George Goes to the Zoo for the Kindle for free.

I've never understood why Curious George would want to go the zoo. Wouldn't he be worried about being stuck behind bars? Wouldn't it be awful to see his distant relatives in a cage? Perhaps these questions are answered in the book. I can't remember the plot at all. Anyway, enjoy.

Using Betty Crocker's Site to Find Sale Items

I just posted this on reddit, in response to a question, and thought I would cross post here. This feature can be super helpful.

Betty Crocker's site can be helpful while making your menu/grocery list. Once you find a recipe you like, scroll down past the ingredients and you'll find a text box labeled "Save on this recipe!". Once you enter your zip you'll get a list of stores in your area that have ingredients on sale.

For instance if I look at banana bread right now I can see that Aldis has bananas on sale.

Last fall when I was making dishes with butternut squash I got a list of four stores, all with different things on sale.

Link to the banana bread recipe I mentioned:

Free Jamba Juice the Morning of August Sixth

Jamba Juice is giving away a free 12 ounce juice on August sixth, from nine am to eleven am. The announcement does say "participating locations" so maybe call and make sure your store is taking part in the giveaway before you go.

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