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Free Artemis Fowl Book One - Limited Time

If you've missed out on the Artemis Fowl books and have been wondering what the fuss is about this week you can get the first book in the series for free at Starbucks. According to author Eoin Colfer's website you "Just pick up an iBookstore code at the checkout line and download your copy of the book!"

This series was one of my youngest son's favorites when he was younger. (He's in college now so older than the target audience.)

Workshop for Homeowners in Danger of Foreclosure

Wells Fargo is sponsoring a workshop for Baltimore area homeowners who are in danger of foreclosure. Held on September sixth the Home Preservation Workshop will take place at the Baltimore Convention Center. You can get more information here:

From the website:

What to Bring With You
Please plan to bring your most recent financial information, including:
· Photo I.D.
· Mortgage statement
· A letter explaining your situation
· A list of all assets and expenses

For each salaried borrower:
· Recent paystubs
· W-2s
· Complete tax returns (all schedules & pages)

For each self-employed borrower:
· Complete tax returns (all schedules & pages)
· The most recent quarterly or year-to-date profit and loss (P&L) statement

Wee Free Men Only 99 Cents

Right now Terry Pratchett's brilliant YA novel the Wee Free Men is on sale for only 99 cents in electronic formats. Complete details can be found here:

I talk a little bit about the series in my entertainment column here:

Free Showing of the Hunger Games

There are still plenty of free movies going on in Baltimore as summer fades away. They include new films like the Hunger Games and classics like Citizen Kane. The last one of the series runs on the 31st of this month. The entire list is available here:

Want to Add Ten Years to Your Life?

Jane McGonigal gives an excellent TED talk on a system that helped her when she was bedridden and sucidal following a concussion. She's a game designer so naturally she came up with a game that improves lifespan and happiness while promoting healing. And she has science to back up her claims.

Free Disaster Preparedness Webinar

The Small Business Administration is hosting a free webinar for small businesses that will cover the basics of starting a disaster plan. (Not a plan on how to have a disaster - a plan for what to do in case of a disaster.) The webinar is scheduled for the fourteenth of this month.

From their website:

"Join Agility Recovery and the U.S. Small Business Administration Tuesday, Aug. 14 for an online discussion on how to start building your business continuity plan. The steps you take towards protecting your business can make the difference between succumbing to or surviving a crisis."

Lots of Help for Aspiring Farmers

Are you interested in becoming a farmer and are looking for assistance or advice? There are loads of programs that can help you. Take a look at this page from the Nebraska Center for Rural Affair:

There are quite a few programs listed under Beginning Farmer Programs & Resources and plenty of info under Financial Strategies for Beginners. Underneath those columns you'll find Government Programs & Farm Policy.

Just this one page should keep you busy and informed for the near future.

Free Meals for Maryland Children

Are you in need of free meals for your children? Or do you know someone who is? If you are in Maryland you can use this site to find hundreds of places that provide free meals for children during the summer, which can be a difficult time if your child ordinarily gets free meals at school.

I took a look for my neighborhood and there are six sites within one mile of my house. Hopefully there is one within walking distance for most needy children.

Link to Defer Student Loans

Are you out of school and getting notices that it's time to pay your student loans but you haven't been able to find a job yet? You should be able to defer your loans, but be aware the interest will probably still build while the loan is deferred. You can find the link on this page, currently, on the right side of the page, towards the middle.

How to Make an Inexpensive Skirt

The Fatty Fashion blog has a nice tutorial on how to make an inexpensive elastic waist skirt. It's designed for larger sized ladies and the author walks you through the process step by step. She spent less than eleven dollars in Australian money, mostly on the elastic. You can make it whatever length you like and of course you get to pick the fabric so have a huge variety of options for color or pattern.

And of course if you already have fabric lying around the house you're golden.

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