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Discount Amusement Park Tickets

Discount tickets to amusement parks local to Baltimore are available via the Baltimore Parks and Recreation Association until the end of August. Tickets range from big venues like Busch Gardens to smaller places like Dutch Wonderland.

Free Dog Psychology Book

I read an interesting book about the psychology of dogs this week. It starts out with a sort of rock bottom story, with the author having no idea how to train his dog or how it thinks. His ignorance leads to some serious problems, culminating in his arming himself with a series of weapons, including a cattle prod, of all things. This is after his small dog is attacked by a bigger dog, in a very scary episode.

The opening made me repeatedly groan in dismay, but then he wises up, studies and meets with a very smart dog psychologist.

He has put his knowledge together and is offering it for free online. You can access it here:

Awesome Tips for Growing Sweet Potatoes

Mother Earth News has an interesting article about growing sweet potatoes. My nutrition obsessed family doctor insists that sweet potatoes are the only potatoes we should be eating, so if you are growing potatoes at all she says grow colored potatoes.

This articles gives several tips that I hadn't read elsewhere, which are supposed to improve taste and longevity of the potatoes. Given that most store bought sweet potatoes are awful, these are tips worth trying out.

Birth Control is an Economic Concern

I'm baffled by politicians who say that women aren't worried about birth control access because they're concerned with economic issues. Birth control is one of the most important economic issues many women face.

An unexpected pregnancy can range from disrupting a carefully planned budget to an all out disaster, depending on the financial health of the woman/family impacted. The only way a woman can be in complete control of her finances is to be in complete control of her fertility.

Of course no birth control method is 100% effective, but some are significantly better than others.

With that in mind this chart from Wikipedia, which lists the effectiveness of different kinds of birth control, is a useful guide.

Free Summer Movies in Maryland

Are you ready for summer? I'm not ready for super high electric bills but I'm most definitely ready for free summer movies. Here is a nice roundup of where, when and what is showing for free outdoors in Maryland this summer.

Free Webinar on Advertising Your Business

SCORE, a fantastic organization that matches retired executives with new business owners, has a nice online workshop about advertising your business.

It's copyright 2007 and some of it should be taken with a grain of salt. The math is off when it explains what CPM means in terms of magazines and there is a part that explains that you need to advertise in the Yellow Pages. I'm afraid the Yellow Pages are pretty irrelevant these days. Do they even get delivered anymore? I'm not sure. Certainly if you have an online business you should think long and hard before advertising in the Yellow Pages.

Free Papercraft Owl

If you're looking for some super cute free papercraft owls you'll want to check out these darlings from 3 Eyed Bear.

This link will show you all the beautiful different colors.

Some things to do if you are laid off

If you just lost your job and you're looking for advice you will be overwhelmed with a ton of useless articles with super nebulous advice. It's a waste of time and it's frustrating.

So step number one - do something to relieve your stress. Losing your job is terrible for your body. Once you have a good cry, or punch a hole in the wall, whichever your temperament demands, do whatever thing you do to blow off steam. For me it's exercise, for some people it's an old movie and a nice, stiff drink.

Once that is out of the way apply for unemployment. You want to do this as soon as possible.

If you are offered a severance package call and make an appointment with an attorney to go over the papers with you. If you don't have the money for an attorney check with your local legal aid office. In Maryland you can get free help at the law library at certain times. You want to make sure the papers you are signing are legal and equitable. If you are over forty your former company is required to suggest you consult with an attorney and they must give you 21 days to decide if you want to accept the offer.

For some useful links on many topics helpful to the recently unemployed try this page from the Navy Federal Credit Union.

Free HPV Shots Tomorrow

The Anne Arundel County Health Department is giving free HPV shots to both boys and girls tomorrow, Thursday, at the Arundel Mills branch of the Anne Arundel Community College. Details can be found here:

This is a great opportunity as these shots can be quite expensive and can be hard to get for boys.

What Not to Put on Your Resume

Here's an interesting article that lists ten things not to put on your resume. Some of them are obvious, like lying, but some are a surprise. For instance you are no longer supposed to put an objective on your resume, which is good news as far as I am concerned. I was always tempted to put "To do my best while feeding and clothing my family."

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