Working together to save money

It's hard to not be depressed about money these days. I work for a media company, in the mortgage products group, and the outlook is grim. Foreclosures are far too high, loan programs have dried up, major institutions are failing and the stock market is falling.

On a more personal note expenses are up – for instance my copay for prescriptions has gone from ten dollars to fifty and the electric company keeps raising rates, while my income is stagnant. I've got two kids in college while student loans are becoming harder and harder to get. And really, we're doing pretty well. At least we can sort of afford college and we've got health insurance while millions don't.

With inflation, bailouts and goodness knows what else it seems like everyone is feeling the pinch. Naturally some are better equipped for a downturn than others, with years of penny pinching knowledge stored up for the long financial winter.

The goal of this site is to share some of that knowledge. Did your grandparents pass on some particular bit of wisdom that helped them through the Great Depression? Are you an expert at pinching pennies? Can you make them scream for mercy? If so we'd love to hear from you. Tips should be emailed to

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