Help With Getting Your Household in Order

Yvette Nicole Brown from Community shared a link to this terrific article on how to get important legal and financial situations organized. Called Rhonda’s Rules: A Woman’s Guide to Getting Her Affairs in Order, it's a list of things that many of us put off for too long, or for forever. Written following the loss of a dear friend, the piece covers planning that will make a crisis easier to deal with. Topics include personal, which includes wills, financial, which covers everything from trusts to insurance, professional, and children.

The last one can be the hardest to do. In general we don't like to try and make plans for the care of our children when we are out of the picture, but we also definitely don't want them being pushed into a household with a different method of childrearing and moral values.

The list is a bit overwhelming, covering a lot of ground, so if you feel like you can't tackle it try doing one thing per day. It will take a while but you'll eventually get it done with minimum stress.